The Mission Workers:

The present number of mission workers in IEM is more than 900. They are enlisted from different churches, states and languages of our country to cater in the different ministries of IEM. The unifying factor in all of them is the call of God to minister to the different people groups of our country and abroad.  Some are called to serve in the Field Ministries, while the others serve in the Church Ministries.  Most of the field mission workers work in a cross-cultural set up.

Area Secretaries

The Area Secretaries are individuals committed to serve the Lord Jesus with a clear assurance of salvation, who have a good testimony and a right standing in their churches, who are faithful supporters of IEM, and who are willing to be IEM representatives in their own areas. Their role is to represent IEM in their areas, and to mobilize prayer and financial support for the organisation. They meet monthly for prayer.

Supporters and Believers

They are spread out in all the States and Union Territories of India. They are the people who stand with us in regular prayer and goodwill, for the forward movement of the Mission. That is why IEM is a peoples’ movement.

Friends of IEM

There are those foreign nationals who have poured out their lives into this great country since their youth.  They call India as – the land that we love! Many of those who worked here are buried here as well.  Some of them, after their retirement, went back to their native countries. But their hearts are forever given away to India. So they have a share in the Gospel work in which they were involved heart and soul for the dear people of India, and are glad to associate themselves as Friends of IEM.  Some of these are Indians, some have come in person to see the land that they love, and some have traversed the length and breadth of India through their prayers. Most of the members of the Friends of IEM are active in the IEM fellowships in their own countries.

Friends of IEM